Monday, October 26, 2009

Things to do in the INLAND EMPIRE (Laura Dern)
for Jamie Stewart

Tell the man you’re fucking,
That yes, you know,
“What a whore does.”

Tell your psychiatrist or
about your husband
and the Polish, gypsy

Tell him about;
The Phantom.
The bar brawl.
Tell your shrink,
"This is the kind of shit I'm talking about!"

after your son died,
it was like
you were watching your life
flick by,
on a movie screen.

Once you leave his office,
You can catch a bus
to Pomona for $3.50
from the corner of Hollywood
and Vine.

While you wait,
You can tell the whores
On the boulevard to,
“Check these moves out.”
As you sway your hips
And snap your fingers
To the black tambourine.

In the abandoned theatre
The Phantom's head
ballooned and grinning
clown-ish, grotesque
vomits at you
as you shoot,
shoot it.
And he'll grin.

Say this happened tomorrow
so you know it's yesterday.

Personally, I don't think
it'd be that bad,
fucking Justin Theroux.

what love does.

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